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It’s Okay to Unsubscribe


If you’re reading this… it means you were able to dig your way through your email inbox this morning. Cyber Monday might be the best online shopping day of the year, but it’s also the day you realize it might be time to unsubscribe from a bazillion email lists. (Hopefully this isn’t one of them).

A little more than a year ago I left my email reader open for an entire month and over the course of the month I unsubscribed from almost every email that landed in my inbox. Every day I was waking up to 60+ emails and only a handful of them were things I wanted/needed to read. It had become overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming to manage my digital mail, let alone the actual junk mail in my mailbox.

And I totally understand that what I’m about to say is counterintuitive considering I’m in the “list-building” stage of my dream of becoming a published author, but oh-well, here it comes:

It’s okay to unsubscribe.

Just like last week when I encouraged you to “check out” of the things in your life that don’t really matter (but take up a lot of your time and energy), this week I want to encourage you to unsubscribe from the things that are stealing your time, your energy, your resources and your joy.

Your faith, your spouse, your family, your close friends, your work, your home, your acts of service… those are the people and the things that matter. Those are people and things that are worthy of your time, energy and resources because they enrich your life with joy – not just momentary happiness.

So unsubscribe from the things that don’t. If you follow someone on Instagram and seeing their posts makes you feel icky, unfollow them. If you are “digital friends” with someone on Facebook and the words they use make you cringe inside, hide them from your feed. If getting the Pottery Barn sales email in your inbox makes you feel discouraged and discontent with your own home, unsubscribe from it.

I’m not saying you should hide from the world, but there are things in the world you can intentionally hide from your eyes – for good reason. I just think it’s far better to unsubscribe than to be sucked in, buried under and wrestling with things that in the end matter very little.

My encouragement to you as we start another week is to take a few minutes to consider what matters most to you, then have the courage to unsubscribe from the rest.

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