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Not Starting Only Guarantees Never Finishing


Have you ever stood on the edge of something or gotten towards the front of a long line and suddenly been paralyzed by fear? You’ve invested in the “big dream” but now when faced with the reality that the next step is imminent and will result in a no-turning-back-now moment, your gut does that flip flopping acrobatic move normally reserved for gymnasts and cheerleaders, and you have to make a choice; move or get out of the way. Take a chance or step aside and let someone else take your place. Sometimes there’s obstacles in your way, but sometimes you’re simply your own worst enemy. You can taste and see what “success” looks like but you stop pushing, you stop fighting. You take the better lit, easier to navigate, better road. And then you hear those famous words echoing in your timid ears and you are faced with the age-old truth that taking “the road less traveled” can make “all the difference.”

So what’s your road? What’s your edge? What have you been waiting to do? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from moving, stretching, fighting, being more, doing more, giving more? Is your big dream worth it?

Do you believe that your are worthy of it? I believe you are. I believe we all are. I believe that we were created for more than just this life. For more than just little dreams, but for big dreams too. I believe that when we start believing in ourselves and start stretching, reaching, doing and being the amazing people that God created us to be, that we’ll find even more strength to grow, to fight, to rise above and to achieve those big crazy dreams that without God’s help could never be a reality.

But the truth is, you have to move. You have to take the first step. He’ll walk with you, the whole way; just lift your foot and start. The road isn’t likely to be easy. You’re going to stumble, even fall. But falling isn’t all bad. It will give you a new perspective. Instead of seeing the world from “eye-level”, you’ll get to experience what it’s like at the bottom, under-foot, flailing and failing. Lots of successful people have been credited with saying that it was their multiple failures that in the end guaranteed their eventual success. So don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to start. Not starting only guarantees never finishing.

So… what will you start today?

Speaking of starting… I’ve been reading a great book called Start. Written by Jon Acuff, Start will inspire you to begin making changes in your life to help you achieve your dreams and get away from the kind of job that makes your stomach hurt on Sunday night just thinking about going back to the office on Monday morning. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer you can grab a hardcover copy for $12.98 and read the reviews here. Or better yet… I’ll send you a copy! Leave a comment below about what, when and where you plan to start reaching for your big dreams and I’ll choose one lucky winner on Wednesday, April 9th to receive a brand spanking new copy (hard cover or electronic – your choice) of Start.

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