God Doesn't Need A Microphone to Speak Into Your Life - Elizabeth Langford

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God Doesn’t Need A Microphone to Speak Into Your Life


We live in a hurried, busy world. A world where our hands spend more time holding our phones than holding the people we love.

And amidst all the hurrying we can feel like we’ve lost God… or we start to believe the lie that He looses us, rejects us, moves on from us.

The truth is that God is never further than your breath. He’s right beside you and He’s holding you close. He has plans for you and immeasurable love for you. But He has given you free will and the option to ignore Him.

So you have to choose. Either believe the truth or fall victim to the lie. At the very moment when we’re living really loud, busy lives, even ones we think have no room for God, He is still there. Holding us close and waiting for us to listen.

He doesn’t need a microphone to speak into your life, and He shouldn’t have to buy a billboard to get your attention. Stop. Listen. Look. He’s there.

God doesn't need a microphone to speak into your life.

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