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For Photographers: How I Use Photoshop Droplets to Speed Up My Workflow


One of the things I’ve learned about being a photographer is that learning to manage your workflow doesn’t just save you time and effort… it can save your sanity. One of my favorite time-saving secrets is using Photoshop Droplets. I wrote an article for not long ago that details just how you can use Photoshop Droplets to speed up your workflow and it’s worth a read if you find yourself batch processing tens or hundreds of images at a time.

I primarily use Photoshop Droplets for creating black and white companion versions of my color images. When I deliver a wedding or engagement session I always provided a black and white version of each image. I learned a long time ago that black and white images are a matter of taste. While I love ALMOST every image in black and white, that’s not true of everyone. So instead of requiring my clients to ask for different images in black and white, I provide them a collection of color images along with a collection of companion black and white images.

You can read the step-by-step instructions at and there you’ll also find lots of other great resources for photographers, bloggers and creatives.  Happy editing!


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