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Photo Mechanic Speeds Up Culling


If you find yourself procrastinating and cleaning out your garage or organizing your gift wrap ribbon to avoid sitting down to cull your latest wedding or session, it might be because of the time it takes from start to finish to complete the culling process.  I know countless photographers that despise culling images… especially weddings.  A wedding can easily have more than 2,000 images to go through, and the thought of chaining yourself to the desk chair is enough to make you volunteer to go outside and rake the leaves in the yard.

I used to feel this way until a good friend and fellow photographer Katrina Miller of Reece & Katrina suggested that I try out Photo Mechanic for culling. She swore by the speed and told me it would “blow my socks off” (maybe not her exact words, but it was something like it). Well, “blow my socks off” it did!

Photo Mechanic has literally changed my life as a wedding photographer. I can now “ingest” (download) images at lightening fast speeds (when compared to the old way I was doing it in Lightroom). Admittedly, I’m not even using all of the features that Photo Mechanic offers. You can ingest more than one card at a time and it allows you to layer various tasks at the same time… which in the end speeds up your workflow and saves you time.

Within Photo Mechanic you can view the thumbnails of your images as well as click on them to view a larger individual image and then simply arrow through the images to see a large version of each… or close out of the window and return to viewing the thumbnails (which you can adjust in size to your preference).

There is a cost for Photo Mechanic but it’s a one-time purchase of $150. In the grand scheme of the software it takes to run a successful studio, Photo Mechanic is definitely worth the investment. The super awesome thing is that you can actually download the full version and use it for 20-days for free.

One of my favorite uses of Photo Mechanic is using it to ingest images for a same day slideshow at a wedding. The images “come in” so quickly that I can easily go through and choose 30 – 40 of my favorite images from the day and then pull only those favorites into Lightroom 4 for quick color correction or to make them black and white. I love being able to complete a same day slideshow set-up in about ten minutes from start to finish… which usually means I’ll have time to eat a little dinner while the bride and groom are eating and then get back in position for toasts and dances.

Below is a shot of the bride and groom enjoying the same day slideshow with bridesmaids and guests. Check back next Wednesday for another Photographer’s Workflow post to learn how to do a same day slideshow at your next wedding.


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